The Royal Restrooms commercial units are perfect for plant shut downs, long term remodel projects and any location where a heavy duty unit is needed for commercial use.   These units are designed for a more permanent or long term rental.

Our commercial units are set up with the following fixtures:

Men’s Side:

  • Three Toilet Stalls
  • Two Urinals
  • Sinks

Women’s Side:

  • Two Toilet Stalls
  • Sink

These units are built to handle industrial use.  Each unit houses a 700 gallon built in waste water tank.   For power, these units require a 50 amp / 220 supply to provide power to the air conditioning, heaters, hand dryers and lights.  These units also have built in Fire Suppression systems for use when required.  (An additional water source is required to connect directly to the fire suppression system.)

Additionally, Royal Restrooms Commercial Units have built in water shut off systems that will automatically turn off the fresh water supply to the trailer if the waste tank gets too full to accept any more waste.  Once the waste tank is pumped out, the water supply automatically turns back on.   The fresh water shut off system is perfect for locations where there overflow of the waste tanks cannot occur.

Our commercial units can be moved by Lull with built in lift pockets and can also be easily lifted by crane.  We’ve had customers put these units on top of buildings and even on deck on Aircraft Carriers and Submarines and Warships while in port for maintenance and repairs.

These units have the ability to hold their own waste water in built in tanks or they can be set up to pump directly to sewer when needed with a built in waste water pump system.

Royal Restrooms of the Carolinas

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Interior Specs

Flushing Toilets
Sinks with Running Water
Hot Water
Air Hand Dryers
Air Conditioning and Heat
Low Level Outdoor Lighting
Fire suppression system
Automatic fresh water shut off when waste tank is full
Osha approved steps, landings and handrails

Unit Dimensions
Length: 18′
Width: 13’ including porch landings when set up
Height: 11’ (from ground to top of A/C unit)

Floor Plans